About Chalky & Company Paint Workshops

How to Chalky

It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Step 1.
Order Your Kit

Select a Base from dozens of our current Chalky Bases and Add on Your Chalky Paint Colors and a Stencil if applicable. Your Order will arrive at your home if ordering online or if attending a Workshop will arrive at the location of the Workshop.

To reserve YOUR seat at one of our Workshops, check our calendar HERE for available dates.

Step 2.
Chalky Painting

With Chalky Painting, there is no hassle, no mess, no VOC’s, and made in the USA! We provide Custom Chalky bases, tutorials and all the supplies to allow you to personalize your project. Relax and enjoy your friends or a DIY at home!

Step 3.
Time to Decorate

Go home with your completed, handmade Chalky kit, ready to be placed in your home bringing home décor trends right to you!