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We are delighted to have you!

Spend a while browsing our amazing products.

ChalkyBDA is the exclusive retailer for Chalky & Company in the beautiful island of Bermuda.

Our Chalky & Company branded-products are easy to use and don't require expert skill.

You will be inspired to create stunning home décor items for you and your family to enjoy.

1) Choose your base
2) Select your stencil
3) Pick your paints / glazes

Now you are ready to get "Chalky" alone or with family and friends!

Chalky BDA

What are you waiting for?

Reserve a Seat at a DIY ChalkyBDA Paint Workshop

Check out our calendar to book your virtual or in-person painting session.

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Chalky Kits

Not sure where to start? No Problem. We have kits available that have everything you need to complete your Chalky project.

Shop around.  You'll find we have a variety of products to suit any budget.

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